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marco stabile

L’Ora Stabile. The book on Marco Stabile | preface by Paolo Marchi

Marco Stabile is a chef and a restaurateur that I have always liked very much, from the first bite in his restaurant Ora d’Aria, which is not the one everyone now knows and applauds near the course of the Arno River. This atypical Tuscan – atypical because he speaks little and does not try to crack a one-liner every ten minutes – once stood in another location, next to the old Murate prison. This continuity…

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Italy’s Hidden Treasures. Introduction

Introduction: Italy’s Hidden Treasures. 101 marvels worth the trip to discover Italy should be rediscovered, or rather, we have to learn to convey it better, knowingly, with wisdom and with patient dedication. Prerogatives that require time, knowledge and quality. Following these ideal guidelines, Italy’s Hidden Treasures was born. A fresh work, quick to look through but equally useful and earnestly interpreted by Beba Marsano, an esteemed journalist and art critic, who has travelled Italy for…

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Tignanello. A Tuscan Story

The prologue of Piero Antinori in Tignanello I remember the lengthy discussions about it with my father, with our collaborators and friends, meeting after meeting, at Palazzo Antinori in the late 1960s. We had a wine that, in hopes and intentions, was going to change the rules and begin a new era for the company, my family, and Tuscany. And, it was all going to be labelled with this far from evocative name, completely unfa-…

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The Oil according… Valeria Piccini and Maurizio Menichetti

The testimonies of Valeria Piccini and Maurizio Menichetti owners of restaurant Da Caino in Montemerano, published in The Land of Olive Oil 2014. Valeria “Since I was a child I have grown up surrounded by my grandfather’s and my dad’s olive groves. With Maurizio we took over their management to produce our own oil following the entire production chain to ensure a better quality. I have been working in the kitchen for 35 years. I…

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The oil according… Gennarino Esposito

The testimony of Gennaro Esposito chef of the restaurant Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense in the book–guide The Land of Olive Oil 2014. “I am a child of agriculture and during the olive harvest I often searched for my mother to help her. All this took place in a climate of great celebration. At the end of the day, my uncle chose the best olives. He was a man who thought outside of the…

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The oil according… Walter Ferretto

The testimony of Walter Ferretto chef Il Cascinalenuovo di Isola d’Asti in the book–guide The Land of Olive Oil 2014. “It has been many years since I directed my kitchen towards Extra-virgin olive oil, on the heels of a change that has now been in place since the early 1990s: even in the North the food philosophy is increasingly geared towards a lighter cuisine with less animal fats. Today the client appreciates, sometimes requests, a…

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The Land of Olive Oil 2014. The value of oil as a sign of territorial civilization

The preface by Fausto Borella published in The Land of Olive Oil 2014. One thing is certain. For Extra-virgin olive oil producers, oil changes every year depending on variable factors related to climate, territory, or extraction method. Never before this year has it been as complicated and expensive to produce their precious food in terms of yield. Nevertheless, the veterans of good oil and emerging companies or those already present within this book continue to…

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Pinchiorri, Two Voices that Become One. Giorgio Pinchiorri’s Wine Cellar

The preface of Piero Antinori published in Pinchiorri, Two Voices that Become One. I have known Giorgio Pinchiorri for more than forty years. From the time when he worked at Buca Lapi, the historic trattoria located in the cellars of Palazzo Antinori. At the time, we were both very young and I loved eating in that place that was so ‘familiar’. I didn’t even have to make a great effort to get there, all I…

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Pinchiorri, Two Voices that Become One. Annie Féolde’s Kitchen

The preface of Paul Bocuse published in Pinchiorri, Two Voices that Become One. Annie Féolde, Upon meeting this lady of refined elegance, you could imagine her going out for a cup of tea with crowned heads! Yet, as far as I can recall, I think I met Annie Féolde for the first time at her debut at Enoteca Pinchiorri, during a dinner with Sirio Maccioni along with my friends and Roger Vergé in the presence…

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Un enigmatico mistero

Il contributo di Mauro Castelli pubblicato in Enigma di Ferragosto, 9° titolo della collana iVitali. La curiosità, come si sa, amplifica le sensazioni. E ancor di più succede quando fa breccia nei ricordi. Se poi a confrontarsi, o sarebbe meglio dire a completarsi, sono un grande scrittore e un altrettanto grande pittore, ovvero Andrea Vitali e Giancarlo Vitali (un’omonimia che trova un punto di incontro soltanto nel paese natale di Bellano), beh, allora, le cose…

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