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Introduction: Italy’s Hidden Treasures. 101 marvels worth the trip to discover

Italy should be rediscovered, or rather, we have to learn to convey it better, knowingly, with wisdom and with patient dedication.

Prerogatives that require time, knowledge and quality. Following these ideal guidelines, Italy’s Hidden Treasures was born.

A fresh work, quick to look through but equally useful and earnestly interpreted by Beba Marsano, an esteemed journalist and art critic, who has travelled Italy for more than a year to select 101 art and culture sites, away from mass tourism. Hard work that was challenging at times, which the author has conducted with intelligence and an original perspective.

The result must first be leafed through, like a kaleidoscope of images rich in charming and persuasive beauty, to then be read in detail to discover the large and small masterpieces that come to us from every region of Italy.

Archaeological sites, precious art museums and minor art museums, fresco cycles, especially related to primitive painting, Romanesque basilicas, private collections, at times surprisingly original, piazzas and glimpses intended as paradigms of a specific architectural period, as well as naturalistic corners and perspectives that act as testimonies to the art of Creation.

At the conclusion of every theme, the author invites the visitor the visitor to make a less rushed stop, and suggests a hotel and restaurant situated in the immediate territorial boundary.

Therefore, a current work that proposes itself as a model of cultural communication designed for the appreciation of a country like ours, which today as never before has the urgent need to be proposed again in its more identity-creating nature, that of beauty.

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