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The testimony of Walter Ferretto chef Il Cascinalenuovo di Isola d’Asti in the bookguide The Land of Olive Oil 2014.

The Land of Olive Oil 2014 (Fausto Borella)

Walter Ferretto

“It has been many years since I directed my kitchen towards Extra-virgin olive oil, on the heels of a change that has now been in place since the early 1990s: even in the North the food philosophy is increasingly geared towards a lighter cuisine with less animal fats. Today the client appreciates, sometimes requests, a high-quality olive oil and this is also thanks to a greater awareness on our part as chefs towards this healthy, tasty and beneficial product. So, even a simple battuta di Fassona drizzled with quality oil becomes an amazing meeting of taste and simplicity. Our clientele is loyal and expects to rediscover that flavour in our dishes. For years now, my cuisine has been geared towards a healthier, lower fat path, avoiding the first condiments, those that were available in the past and the present in the territory. I use Extra-virgin olive oil because it offers a bouquet and aroma that enriches a dish and doesn’t overpower the other flavours”.