Pinchiorri, Two Voices that Become One. Annie Féolde’s Kitchen

The preface of Paul Bocuse published in Pinchiorri, Two Voices that Become One. Annie Féolde, Upon meeting this lady of refined elegance, you could imagine her going out for a cup of tea with crowned heads! Yet, as far as I can recall, I think I met Annie Féolde for the first time at her debut at Enoteca Pinchiorri, during a dinner with Sirio Maccioni along with my friends and Roger Vergé in the presence…

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Un enigmatico mistero

Il contributo di Mauro Castelli pubblicato in Enigma di Ferragosto, 9° titolo della collana iVitali. La curiosità, come si sa, amplifica le sensazioni. E ancor di più succede quando fa breccia nei ricordi. Se poi a confrontarsi, o sarebbe meglio dire a completarsi, sono un grande scrittore e un altrettanto grande pittore, ovvero Andrea Vitali e Giancarlo Vitali (un’omonimia che trova un punto di incontro soltanto nel paese natale di Bellano), beh, allora, le cose…

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The Land of Olive Oil 2013. I never travel without my Olive Oil

The text by Fulvio Pierangelini published in The Land of Olive Oil 2013. Many years ago, as a child, I dreamt of eating voluptuous chocolate-like spreads or even the first “harmless” pre-packaged snacks with enclosed metal disks depicting animals or footballers for my afterschool snack. What I inevitably received was bread and sugar water or even more often, bread and oil. I wasn’t very happy at the time but, today, I am grateful to my…

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Terred’Olio 2013. The value of Olive Oil as the symbol of the territory’s civilization

The preface by Fausto Borella published in The Land of Olive Oil 2013. For years I wondered if it would make sense proposing a merely technical guide, with evaluations of the organoleptic properties of the various oils that I constantly select. A message reserved for the narrow circle of experts and the broader, but not so large, group of knowledgeable enthusiasts. Then I told myself that it would be necessary to get out of the…

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Mario, Costanza, their city

The preface of Leonardo Castellucci in Mario Donizetti, a biography. Mario Donizetti and Costanza Andreucci. Then their Bergamo. The place they first met and where they have spent their entire lives. Young, in fact very young, they bound themselves forever without making any promises to each other, but making an effort to find similarities that seem to be the only key to a relationship that can withstand the test of time and difficulties of life.…

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Mario Donizetti. The Sweet Obsession

The text of Gianluigi Colin published in Mario Donizetti, a biography by Iacopo Di Bugno. In his Why Read the Classics?, Italo Calvino amuses himself by defining ‘classic books’: “Books that are referred to as ‘classic’ are ones that constitute a wealth for those who have read and loved them; however they are not a lesser wealth for those who are fortunate enough to have read them for the first time in the best condition…

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It all started in Fonterutoli

“I hereby give, on December 6 (1398), fiorini 3, soldi 26 denari 8 to Piero Tino Riccio, for 6 barrels of Chianti wine;… we pay the money by letter of Ser Lapo Mazzei.” At the end of the fourteenth Century, a respected and influential member of the Mazzei family, Ser Lapo, notary of the Lordship of Florence, a fine speculative mind and a major expert of vineyards, bought Chianti wines. Later on it was his…

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From Fonterutoli to Val d’Elsa

A mountain bike ride through the woods of Chianti di Castellina. Length: 26 km Time: 6h 30 min (by bicycle) Stopovers: Fonterutoli • Croce Fiorentina • Malafrasca • Castellina in Chianti • Monsanto • Cedda We are going to suggest a route through a territory scarcely touched by humans which will make it possible to enjoy the most natural side of Chianti. Trained bicycle riders and sedentary car drivers alike will go though woods of…

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La pappa al pomodoro (Classical Tuscan Thick Bread and Tomato Soup)

Recipe by Marzio Africh, chef at Osteria Fonterutoli (Serves 6 ) 4 white onions Fonterutoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8 peeled ripe tomatoes 200gr stale Tuscan bread 300ml vegetable broth basil Procedure Julienne the white onions and brown with extra virgin oil. Season with salt and pepper. Once stewed, add the tomatoes previously chopped in four and the vegetable broth. Simmer for about 45 minutes. Add the bread cut into thin slices and allow them…

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Courgettes and Mint Pie with Pecorino Cheese Cream

Recipe by Marzio Africh, chef at Osteria Fonterutoli (Serves 6) Pie Sautè in a pan 250gr of courgettes with 50gr of mint leaves with extra virgin olive oil, then season with salt and pepper. Once cooked, add all the other ingredients to the courgettes (3 eggs, 50 gr Parmesan cheese, 200 gr fresh cream) and reduce to a purèe. Butter round moulds and pour in the purèe, cook into the oven for about 10/15′ at…

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