Marinated Sliced Steak 12 Novembre 2010 – Posted in: Archivio

Recipe by Marzio Africh, chef at Osteria Fonterutoli

(serves 4)

1 kg sirloin from Chianina beef

For the marinade

100 gr Fonterutoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil
25 gr chopped sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram and mint


Put the sirloin on a chopping board and cut it in four.Pour the Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a tray and sprinkle the herbs. Marinate the meat on both sides for at least 30 minutes and then grill it to your taste adding just salt and pepper.

Expert tip:
Marinate the meat all night long in the fridge and slice it one hour before cooking to make it even more tender.
When cooked, arrange the meat after slicing it sideways (preferably 1 cm thick) on a hot slab and add sage or rosemary.

Many red wines match well with the superb, tender and juicy steak of the Osteria. A particarlarly good match, despite not the only one, is Chianti Classico Fonterutoli, which respects the round taste of this dish enriched by a good mix of herbs: good body, with low and lasting tannins, “supporting” and enhancing the rich taste of the meat and yet cleaning the mouth to the next bite.

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