Schiacciata con l’uva (Classic Tuscan Flat Bread with Grapes) 7 Novembre 2010 – Posted in: Archivio

Recipe by Marzio Africh, chef at Osteria Fonterutoli

(for a round baking sheet 32 cm wide)

Put 500gr of flour on the table, make a hole the middle and add 25gr of sugar, 20gr of salt and 50 gr of oil. In a separate bowl, melt 25gr of yeast in 225gr of warm water. Add to the flour to obtain a smooth dough. Grease a round baking sheet and arrange it to the rims.
Squeeze the juice of 500gr of grapes in a bowl and add 125gr of sugar and 10gr of anise. Cover the grapes with the mixture and squeeze it additionally with the fingers to allow the juice to penetrate.
Allow the mixture to ferment for two hours.
Cook in a pre-heated oven at 185°C for about 20 minutes until sugar is caramelized.

Expert tip:
A very juicy and liquid brine soaks the flat bread and makes it very soft and juicy.
Cut the bread in square slices, sprinkle icing sugar and serve with fresh grapes.


Grappa Castello di Fonterutoli

When grapes are ripe and sweet, the tannins in the skin add body and succulence to the schiacciata, and the dish is more robust than it may seem.
Well, it could be matched with a good, demi-sec vinsanto (very hard to find), or one could dare a little more and pair it with our Grappa Castello di Fonterutoli. A drop of grappa, while ending the mouthful, helps cleaning the mouth from the bread while the winy notes of the grapes and the grappa look for each other, embrace and intensify each other. The mouth remains clean, but also full of wine aromas, which is just what we were looking for, wasn’t it?