The Land of Olive Oil 2014

AUTHOR: Fausto Borella

195 Tastings
121 Producers
18 Italian Regions
106 Illustrations



A tour of 121 Olive Oil producers selected by an Olive Oil Master Fausto Borella to acquaint us with as many of Italy’s cultural identies.

Preface by Fausto Borella: The value of oil as a sign of territorial civilization

A selection was made of the best companies, those who knew the right moment to collect their olives, press them with the most suitable methods, and above all, store the oil in containers in order to preserve its organoleptic qualities for many months. This reference tool is published at the beginning of the year in order to help the consumer choose the right oil to pair with the most suitable ingredient or dish, depending on its geographical position, but above all, to understand the characteristics of the oil and match it to personal taste.

The Oil according… Walter Ferretto

It has been many years since I directed my kitchen towards Extra-virgin olive oil, on the heels of a change that has now been in place since the early 1990s: even in the North the food philosophy is increasingly geared towards a lighter cuisine with less animal fats. Today the client appreciates, sometimes requests, a high-quality olive oil and this is also thanks to a greater awareness on our part as chefs towards this healthy, tasty and beneficial product.

The Oil according… Gennarino Esposito

The taste of good oil is always in my taste memory. I am particularly demanding and sensitive, and I have very good references. Personally, I adore impetuous oils, with an innate charm and elegance in the olive variety.

The Oil according… Valeria Piccini e Maurizio Menichetti

Since I was a child I have grown up surrounded by my grandfather’s and my dad’s olive groves. With Maurizio we took over their management to produce our own oil following the entire production chain to ensure a better quality. I have been working in the kitchen for 35 years. I don’t use butter for my pastries and and my menu only has one dish that uses butter as an ingredient. All my preparations are based on Extra-virgin olive oil, from bread, to the definition of the dishes.

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