Italy’s Hidden Treasures. Another 101 marvels worth the trip to discover

AUTHOR: Beba Marsano

Italy should be rediscovered, or rather,
we have to learn to convey it better,
knowingly, with wisdom and with
patient dedication. Prerogatives that
require time, knowledge and quality.
Following these ideal guidelines,
Italy’s Hidden Treasures was born.

In this third volume Beba Marsano’s journey
to discover the wonders of Italy continues.


On the strength of the great critical and sales success of the first two volumes, the journey into beauty of Beba Marsano continues. 101 other wonders of Italy to discover.

Italy must be rediscovered and eloquently conveyed with knowledge, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas. Prerogatives that require time, expertise, and genuine passion. This is how the series Italy’s Hidden Treasures came to fruition. A fresh easy flowing work, with a useful design masterfully interpreted by Beba Marsano, journalist and notable art critic who travelled Italy far and wide to select 101 locations of art and beauty (the first two books date back to 2016 and 2018), off the traditional routes proposed to a tourism that has merely become accustomed to the great Italian icons. Challenging work that the author has conducted, with foresight and an original slant, by travelling to the respective places, not only with the aim of providing the reader with a precious anthology of artistic sites and naturalistic locations to be rediscovered and proposed in their objective value, but also with the intention of conveying the emotions experienced first-hand. She accomplished all this with her brilliant writing that does not yield to the temptation of specialized language, having chosen a narrative/nonfiction style with a content that is of swift yet dense substance. The finished result must first be leafed through, like a kaleidoscope of images rich in evocative and persuasive beauty to then be read in every detail, to discover the large and small masterpieces that come from every region in Italy: archaeological sites, precious art and applied art museums, remote fresco cycles, private collections, occasionally of surprising originality, squares and views, intended as paradigms of a specific architectural period. At the end of each theme’s account, the author, with the delighted idea of inviting the visitor to a less hurried stop, suggests a hotel and a restaurant, but also a designer shop, a winery, or when she has deemed it appropriate a further suggestion for a more exhaustive short art trip, in the immediate surroundings of the area. Therefore, a contemporary work that is proposed as a model of cultural communication designed for the valorisation of our country, which today, as never before, has the absolute necessity to be re-proposed, strong of its most truthful nature, that of beauty.

The Author | Beba Marsano

Genoese by birth, Milanese by adoption, cosmopolitan by vocation, Beba Marsano is a journalist, art critic and art historian, as well as an expert in cultural tourism. She writes and has written for major National newspapers: Corriere della Sera, Panorama, Oggi, and Capital. In addition to having curated art exhibits and events, and written monographs for numerous contemporary artists, she has also collaborated with Rai Uno and has works published by Electa Mondadori and Moshe Tabibnia. This is the third volume of the esteemed and fortunate Italys’ Hidden Treasures signed with Cinquesensi Editore.

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