The Prosecco Way of Life

100 years of a great wine



Prosecco: 100 years of a great wine

Primo Franco, one of the main protagonists of the Prosecco success, tells the story, the evolution, the expansion in the world, through a lucid, passionate, amusing narrative that, with the passage of an autobiography, also allows the reader and above all to discover all the peculiarities of one of the most favored international Italian wines.
A fundamental book for all those who cultivate the culture of wine but also for those who are starting to get passionate about the subject.

Primo Franco’s changing world by Tom Stevenson

Wine is more than just a beverage: it’s a focal point for conversation. It draws people together, sparks debate and promotes cultural exchange. This is why the wine world is full of exuberant, extraordinary people, not to mention a few who are utterly certifiable.
Over a lifetime of wine travel, tasting and study, I have met many amazing characters. From winemakers to winery owners, including not a few who are or claim to be both. From the smallest cog at the tiniest producer to the most ebullient of industry leaders. From old-school to trendsetting. From the most lovable rogue to the sweetest that humanity has to offer. From the seemingly hair-brained to the wonderfully misguided. From the most naturally gifted virtuoso to the workaholic with a vision.
Amongst all those very special people is Primo Franco: a gentleman and a gentle man. They are two entirely different qualities, of course, but both equally true in Primo’s case.

Balance and rigour for a great Prosecco by Giuseppe Vaccarini

I first came across Prosecco in the late Sixties. Those were different times. I was lucky enough to witness the change the Italian oenological culture was starting to express. Today there are a thousand wineries. In those days there were one hundred, and those one hundred were paving the way that has brought us here.
Pronouncing the word Prosecco was not as common as today. There were few denominations of origin and export was secondary in the wineries’ balance sheets. The trendiness, the spritz, and the planetary success were only to arrive much later.


He is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Prosecco area. What, along with a few others, has believed in the qualitative potential of this wine, bringing it to the top of global consideration.
His company, Nino Franco, is in fact a model of excellence in this regard.


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Slawka G. Scarso



Edizione italiana

Prosecco way of life



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