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L’Ora Stabile. The place of deliciousness in the beauty of Florence ,

AUTHOR: Leonardo Castellucci

The great interpreters of the new Italian Cuisine
tell their stories amid autobiographies, culinary
teaching and recipes.


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14 years of history in two places, different but with the same name and the same intentions and which enshrine a first stage and a first chapter of a story destined to have many other episodes. The first and today’s Ora d’Aria, like two different but similar souls, tell us about the passionate and creative world of the young chef Marco Stabile, a book that will tell his philosophy in the kitchen and some of his dishes that have become classics for of gourmets from all over the world.

The preface by Paolo Marchi

Marco Stabile is a chef and a restaurateur that I have always liked very much, from the first bite in his restaurant Ora d’Aria, which is not the one everyone now knows and applauds near the course of the Arno River. This atypical Tuscan – atypical because he speaks little and does not try to crack a one-liner every ten minutes – once stood in another location, next to the old Murate prison. This continuity led to the name on the sign: Ora d’Aria. A name that for us gourmands has a much vaster significance than the recreational hour so longed for by those in the slammer.

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april 2018

Edizione italiana

L'Ora Stabile. Il luogo del buono nella Firenze del bello


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