Pinchiorri, Two Voices that Become One ,

AUTHOR: Leonardo Castellucci

Annie Féolde’s Kitchen
Giorgio Pinchiorri’s Wine Cellar




One book, two stories, two covers
that come together in a remarkable and mutual adventure

This book tells Annie Feolde and Giorgio Pinchiorri’s life story. The story of their unique professional experience is narrated with a biographical touch as if it were the ‘tale’ of a beautiful adventure. 224 pages that narrate the creation and evolution of a passion expressed through exceptional culinary insights, a first-rate lesson in the art of hospitality, and the most unique wine cellar in the world.

The preface by Paul Bocuse in Annie Féolde’s Kitchen

Annie Féolde,
Upon meeting this lady of refined elegance, you could imagine her going out for a cup of tea with crowned heads! Yet, as far as I can recall, I think I met Annie Féolde for the first time at her debut at Enoteca Pinchiorri, during a dinner with Sirio Maccioni along with my friends and Roger Vergé in the presence of the actor Ugo Tognazzi. On that occasion, we participated in the staging of prestigious wines selected by Giorgio Pinchiorri, accompanied by refined dishes prepared by the chef of this new Florentine palazzo. Many years have passed since then and this Bianca Castafiore of the oven continues to shine.

The preface by Piero Antinori in Giorgio Pinchiorri’s Wine Cellar

I have known Giorgio Pinchiorri for more than forty years. From the time when he worked at Buca Lapi, the historic trattoria located in the cellars of Palazzo Antinori. […] Very few people in the world know French wines like him, and no one gave the commercial impetus to wines from Tuscany and Piedmont during years when our wines began the difficult and exciting challenge of their renewal like him.
Recently, I organized a vertical classification of every Tignanello vintage in our wine cellar, but had no bottles left of the first year of production, 1971. I immediately sought out Giorgio Pinchiorri’s help who, naturally, was extremely happy to provide me with a bottle, saving me from an embarrassing situation. It was unimaginable that his wine cellar would not have the first vintages of major estates, and unthinkable that leading wines from around the world would not be part of his very personal collection.


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